British Mixed Gladioli

British Mixed Gladioli


Sunflower Smile – 50% Extra Free

Sunflower Smile - 50% Extra Free



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A sweet and soft-hued arrangement, the Violetta offers an enchanting blend of pink dahlias, calla lilies and campanula with beautiful lilac clematis enhancing the acharm of the bouquet. Fresh white astilbe, astrantia and lysimachia complete the arrangement, harmonising the delicate colours and creating a dreamy bouquet that is ideal for any occasion. Our florists assemble this gorgeous bouquet with the following beautiful blooms: 10 Pink Dahlia 5 Pink Calla Lily Violetta 10 Pink Campanula 5 Lilac Clematis 7 White Astilbe 10 White Astrantia 5 White Lysimachia 10 Briza

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